Our Mission

As pet parents, we've experienced how challenging and mystifying giving our pets the best care can be. We believe that it should be simpler, more convenient, and more affordable for every pet parent to give their pet access to great pet health. 

We set out to make exceptional veterinary care and pet care products accessible to every household, helping pet parents ensure their pets live longer and with the highest quality of life.

What is Fuzzy?

Comprehensive, one-stop pet health. Veterinarians are the most trusted partner for pet parents, but veterinary clinic visits are so infrequent. We've built Fuzzy to better connect veterinarians and pet parents - easily, and more frequently.


Veterinary consultations & home delivery for pet essentials - medications, supplements, nutrition.

Who we are.

We understand that all we want for our pets is to give them the best products, medications, supplements, food and health. Sometimes it´s not that easy to know what that is. 

For starters, every pet should have the essentials to protect them from parasites and pests.

Being a pet parent can come with challenges through every step of the  journey. We're along for every step of the ride with you.