How can we help your pet?

How can we help your pet?

Itchy (8-10)

Red Light/Emergency:

  • The severity of itching is causing excessive bleeding.

  • The itching is accompanied by discharge from the skin.

  • The itching is accompanied by large areas of scabbing, discharge, or foul odor of the skin.



Yellow Light/Needs to go to FSV soon:

  • On a scale of 1-10, If 0 is never itching and 10 is itching 24/7, how itchy is your dog/cat right now? 5+ should see a FSV soon. 

  • If the itching is causing abrasions or wounds in the skin.

  • If the itching is associated with bleeding. 

  • If the itching occurs with a bad odor to the skin.

  • If the itching occurs with decreased appetite. 

  • If the itching occurs with decreased energy. 

  • If the itching keeps your pet up at night and prevents them from sleeping. 



Green Light/Monitor at home:

  • If the itching is mild and occasional.

  • Ensuring that your pet is on a good flea preventative is a great first step. Flea season is often worse in springtime as warm weather starts to become regular. Some pets can have allergies to the flea’s saliva, which can cause significant itching from only a few flea bites.

  • Itching can be due to many different causes in our cats and dogs, including external parasites (fleas, lice, and mites), food allergies, environmental allergies, contact reactions, as well as possible immune mediated disease.

  • If you are noticing persistent itching despite your pet being on a regular flea preventative, then it’s a good idea to discuss things further with your veterinarian. 


What to expect at Vet Visit:

  • Your veterinarian will want to help determine if your pet is on an appropriate flea preventative to help rule out potential flea allergies.

  • Skin scrapings can be helpful to further evaluate if your pet is experiencing mites or other potential external parasites. The skin sample taken is evaluated by your veterinarian under the microscope for further evaluation. 


Potential OTC Products 

  • Baby wipes for face and paws

  • Douxo Calm Shampoo

  • Douxo Calm Mousse

  • Flea Prevention (Effipro or equivalent)

  • Cone to help prevent self trauma

  • Recovery Suit

  • Capstar


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(Food Allergy Trial/VIN)

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