Modern Pet Health Care 

Healthier, happier pets

Monthly protection from fleas, ticks and parasites. Personalized supplements

tailored to your pet. 

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Virtual Veterinary Care

Connect with licensed veterinarians for expert advice and consultations. Get immediate responses via live chat, or schedule video veterinary consults to suit your schedule. 

Pricing and Services

Virtual Chat Consults

Personalized Advice


Flea and Tick Meds

Virtual Chat Consults

Personalized Advice

Prescription Parasite Meds

Virtual Chat Consult

Personalized Advice

All subscriptions are for a 30-day period, cancel at any time.

How Does It Work?

Take our vet-designed pet health quiz. With that information, our vets will be able to recommend personalized products and guides, helping your pet live a healthier, longer life.

Purchase includes unlimited, on-demand access to expert veterinarian advice through our digital coaching service. 

On-demand veterinary care

Meds, food, and supplies. Delivered

Personalized protection and care for your pet

Fast, convenient, expert advice whenever you need it.

Home delivery service for prescriptions, food and supplements.

The right meds, supplements, and treatments, tailored to your pet.

Complete the pet health quiz below and learn what our veterinarians recommend for your pet!

Pet Parents Love Us!


¨We’ve been a Fuzzy member since I was 8 weeks old. They’ve really helped mom and dad navigate through my puppyhood!


Their vets come to OUR house for my wellness checkups and vaccines, and save mom’s sanity by chatting with her in the app all the time for her concerns and questions. We love our friends at Fuzzy!¨ 🥰

- Kalyn

General Care

Fleas & Ticks